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Prayer for Renewal

In this time of renewal of our parish home, please remember this in your prayers.

A Prayer for Renewal

Almighty Lord, we bow our heads in prayer
And beseech You to rebuild our House of God.
The psalmist reminds us,
Unless the Lord builds the house,
the builders labor in vain.
Dear Lord, rebuild this house and guide the hands of the architects, the contractors, the laborers;
May they perfect the imperfections, as they recreate and renew this church, our Heaven on earth, where we gather to lay aside all cares of life.
Almighty Lord, we are also reminded that we too are temples, living temples of the Holy Spirit
During this time of re-creation and renewal
May our imperfections also be perfected.
May the gifts of the Holy Spirit renew in each of us our faith and our love of God and each other.
May we spiritually become the children of God we are called to be
Christian faithful who are forgiving and caring, and welcoming.
And may our patrons, Saints Peter and Paul, always inspire us through their courage and example to faithfully hear the Word of God and live it.

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