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Door of Mercy

As you know, our Holy Father has proclaimed this year to be a “Jubilee Year of Mercy” during which we are called to seek God’s mercy in our lives and to show mercy to our brothers and sisters. As part of this spiritual year the Pope has requested all bishops to designate special “Doors of Mercy” throughout their respective dioceses wherein pilgrims and Christians can enter to seek the “graces this Holy Year offers, through prayer, sacramental confessions of their sins, the worthy reception of the Holy Eucharist and a renewed dedication to the practice of mercy in their daily lives.”

Archbishop Stefan Soroka has named our Assumption BVM Church in Centralia, among others listed in his letter, to be one of these special places. The Archbishop encourages all the faithful to try to visit one or more of these designated churches during the coming year to receive special graces. He has asked us and all pilgrims to spend time venerating the Jewel-covered 18th Century Icon of Our Lady of Pochaiv which is now in our Church.

We are honored to be among those Churches chosen and are in the process of scheduling special times when our church will be open, special times for confessions, special times for liturgical services. We are also preparing informational brochures to share with any and all pilgrims who visit our Church.

I join with our Holy Father and our Archbishop in encouraging and welcoming all parishioners and all peoples to open their hearts to God’s mercy, to share mercy in our lives and to obtain special graces by visiting one or more of the specially designated Churches.

Click here for information on The Opening of the Doors in commemoration of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of  Mercy inaugurated by His Holiness Pope Francis, Pope of Rome, and the Solemn Blessing of Holy Water, to be held April 10th.

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