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Building Repair Update 2

My Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I write to share good news and news of great challenge.  Work has begun to make the substantial repairs needed to our church.  After many months of study and negotiation, we have identified the most pressing repairs needed and designed appropriate remedies to insure the integrity of our church structure.  The work to be done includes the following:  a redesigned and rebuilt front entrance, installation of an elevator, a new roof, a redesign of the rain gutter system to carry water away from the building, repairs to the basement entrances, repair of the Mother of God Shrine, securing the domes more effectively to the church structure, cleaning and caulking of all seams on the domes, removal of the fencing and deteriorating pillars on the Beech St. side, replacing the deteriorated window sills, re-pointing the damaged grout joints on the entire building, new entrance doors to the basement and side of the church, repair of the retaining wall along the driveway, repair of the fire/smoke alarm system, and an entirely new HVAC system for the church.  Other minor repairs and fixes will also be included as the work progresses.

We have been able to negotiate a price with our Project Manager, Quandel Construction Group, of $699,933.00.  We feel this number is now the very best price we could achieve considering the huge scope of repair work to be done.  I am pleased to share with you, Mr. Noble “Bud” Quandel, the company owner, has agreed to donate $100,000.00 of their work to help us arrive at the above stated number.  Without his donation and some additional savings we negotiated with sub-contractors and suppliers, the repairs would have cost in excess of $800,000.00!

As you know, we have money in savings available to us of approximately $750,000.00.  This amount is adequate to pay for the work to be done, however it will leave us essentially bankrupt.  This is where the challenge lies for us.  In order to assure the future of our parish, in consultation with our Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, I am asking the each family pledge a minimum of $250.00 payable over a 10 month period so that we can replenish our parish treasury.  I realize for some this will be a large sacrifice while others can afford to pledge much more.  I want to assure you every dollar pledged will be greatly appreciated and will be set aside strictly to restore the parish savings for any future needs that may arise.  Remember as well, your sacrifice will be multiplied by Our Lord and the blessings you receive will be a hundredfold as He has promised!

It is my hope to raise a minimum of $50,000.00 through your pledges and generosity.  I’d like to encourage you to share the blessings God has provided you and your families.  I especially reach out to those who can afford to make larger and more substantial donations to please consider doing so.  All of you have been through so many challenges since the fire destroyed our previous church and in building this new structure.  Through it all you have responded generously.  Please take up this new challenge and respond to the needs of our beloved Ss. Peter and Paul Church in the most generous way possible.

Thank you for your kind support and anticipated generosity.  God Bless You!

Fr. Michael Hutsko, Pastor

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