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A Reminder

All are reminded that it is our tradition to stand in prayer during the Easter season.  There are two postures for prayer during the period from Easter to Pentecost; standing or sitting.  We all kneel again in prayer fifty days from the Resurrection of Our Lord to the special Pentecost “Kneeling Prayers.”  This tradition gives visible sign of our belief that God revealed something Wonderful by the resurrection of Christ, namely that human life is eternal and immortal because it is sharing in the life of God Himself.

We stand during this period to proclaim our awareness that we are not “slaves” but “children” of the Heavenly Father – we are the sons and daughters of the Most High.  Unlike most slaves who, in the lands of the East, had to kneel when they were in the presence of their master, we stand in the presence of our Father.  We are, because of His gift of life, His heirs.  We stand in recognition of this great honor.

You are also reminded that we “joyously” sing the Easter Tropar(Christ is Risen from the dead) for forty days until Ascension Thursday.  This Tropar should be sung with enthusiasm(it is not a funeral dirge).  It should be sung with a lively and spirited pace!

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